Three Documentaries I Watched & Loved!| July Edition

Oh I almost said happy Sunday but then realized it is Saturday y’all today is my day off we went to the beach earlier this afternoon which I didn’t take any pictures and we cruised a bit through along side North visited the California Light House, the famous Arashi Beach all the way through the only Airport we have on the Island.

My Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts πŸ’« 2020 Edition

Happy Saturday evening to everyone! How are you feeling? These past days have been more hectic than others and also A LOT happening in US which can effect a lot of countries, but we are not talking politics on this blog. I was just mentioning the happenings of this past week.

What I Ate on Christmas Day

As Latina we started to celebrate December 24, December 25th and today December 26th is considered in the Dutch calender the second Christmas day..with that being said we are still celebrating. At home today our celebration is about eating leftovers and have a relaxed day with the family.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men!

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Happy Saturday everyone! I have been a bit MIA these past days because I’ve been working evenings shift. But today I have a new post ”10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men” all these mentioned products I found on Amazon. This post is not sponsored it’s just to give you some inspiration and let me tell you it’s so much harder to buy for a man then for a woman. You really have to know a man to buy a gift for him. Here we go with the Christmas Gift Ideas for Men..

Hallotober Tag

Thank you Emma Gayle Harper (read her tag here) for nominating me for the HalloTober Tag so fun to be a part of this tag. Today is October 31st πŸ–€πŸŽƒHappy Halloween y’all!!πŸŽƒπŸ–€

HalloweenπŸ‘» Home Decor Ideas

Many people have started with Halloween decorations around the house and outside. Where I’m currently living we don’t decorate at all, you’ll see most of the businesses all festive for Halloween but when it comes to our actual homes probably a few.

Current Favorite NETFLIX Tv-Show & Music Playlist

Happy Saturday to all of you lovely people today I’m gonna share with you my current favorite Netflix Tv Shows/Series and my music playlist🎢.. All of the mentioned Tv Shows/Series I’ve watched the past week or two the only one I watched a few months ago is YOU which is an almost wake up call or reality check for lots of single women. Also I will be sharing my latest music playlist. I hope you enjoy it!