I Rebranded My Youtube Channel | LoveCultureFood

2022 is here and we’re almost at the end of the first month of 2022 and I got courage again to restart my youtube channel. Honestly I got to talk with two bloggers and they encouraged me to keep going, life is too short to be holding back on the things you want to accomplish. I couldn’t be more aware and acknowledge life itself.

Make These Coffee Beverages At Home!

Calling all coffee lovers! Have been really into liquid coffee creamers for the past few months and had to share these homemade coffee recipes with you.

Christmas Festive Nails ✨

Good morning! Can you believe that tomorrow is actually Christmas Eve and for all Hispanic/Latina/o’s it’s Noche Buena. Today many of us are gonna be busy with all the food preparations.

My Top 5 Vloggers And Why I Love Them

Good morning everyone! I’m back with another blog post I was scrolling through my twitter and this idea came randomly..just like that. Which is an amazing idea and as I mentioned recently I really enjoy blogging when the posts aren’t scheduled or thought through step for step what I’m gonna write.

Face Moisturizer with Essential Oils by Desert Bloom Collection

Happy, blessed and a productive Thursday to each and everyone of you on this beautiful day. After a while I’m back with a product review which I recently (for the past two weeks) have been enjoying the scent, how it moisturizes and after feel of the product on my skin.

This Is How I’m Feeling Today | ChitChat

Today is the day that’s right, today May 6th 2021 in just in couple of hours I will be back at work. Feeling bleh, anxious and this feeling of not wanting to go. But hey I’m an adult now with two kids and have to feed them, there’s nothing you can do right now..