Growing up in the 90’s/00’s 📺 Favorite Cartoons & Tv-shows

Before I start I want to wish you all a happy weekend and hope you have a blessed one! Today I had to work my nine to five honestly had no idea how tired I would come back home but at least I did it, I gone through those eight hours and they were eight hours of hard work, focus and dedication on small details. Today I wanted to write about something fun, yesterday evening while I was on the sofa I closed my eyes suddenly this idea ..yes I just got a new idea! My favorite 90’s-00’s cartoon and tv shows I thought quietly hmm.. this idea is so fun and finally something on the lighter side since my last few posts they were more serious.

Feet Care During Quarantine 💚🦶🏽 Get Ready to be Pampered!

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If you have been reading my blog for a while you might already know about this foot cream. In difficult times like these that you can’t go to a spa to get a pedicure, your feet are ashy, white and dry. You need a quick replacement or help with your feet this Luxe Foot Crème might be the go to for after you are done with your home pedicure.

Drugstore NUDES 💄 Affordable Lippies

Nudes have been really in ever since Kim Kardashian made it a worldwide trend, I’m almost sure we all have some beautiful nude lippies in our makeup collection I think it’s a must have.Whether you have rose, pink or brown nudes all are part of the nude family. You can easily create any makeup look with a matching lovely nude color all the way from high-end to drugstore nude lippies. These are some of what I have that I love using on any occasion