Three Books I Want To Read This FallπŸ‚

Been looking for the perfect book to read which I haven’t found yet but I did start reading a sample from this book called Becoming by Michelle Obama and it’s quite interesting so far. And to be completely honest I don’t like the Amazon Kindle or the Goodreads application neither. I’m old school just give me a hardcover book, for me it only feels right to do so.

Friday The 13th is it Superstition or Real?

Many of us have been hearing this Friday the 13th superstition for years and years and yet we absolutely believe this including myself. A lot of elderly family members will actually tell you like don’t drop the salt or throw the salt over your left shoulder and so many other strange stories.

My Top 5 Vloggers And Why I Love Them

Good morning everyone! I’m back with another blog post I was scrolling through my twitter and this idea came randomly..just like that. Which is an amazing idea and as I mentioned recently I really enjoy blogging when the posts aren’t scheduled or thought through step for step what I’m gonna write.

Face Moisturizer with Essential Oils by Desert Bloom Collection

Happy, blessed and a productive Thursday to each and everyone of you on this beautiful day. After a while I’m back with a product review which I recently (for the past two weeks) have been enjoying the scent, how it moisturizes and after feel of the product on my skin.

Favorite 90’s Songs I Always Listen To🎧

Happy Monday..I’m back y’all! Hope you had a blessed weekend, I definitely had a great weekend. We had some homemade cocktails, food, good music and my kids went swimming in the pool for a couple of hours in the pool.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Makeup Lovers!

It’s finally Friday! How are you feeling on this day? Today I’m sharing with you 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Makeuplovers! As you know I love supporting small businesses and with everything going on around us, it’s important help smaller brands that struggle constantly to keep their heads above water each month. This post is in not sponsored at all this is a way for me to show these brands some loveπŸ’•