Traveling Alone to the Dominican Republic

Good evening everyone! You might have noticed that I haven’t been active on my social medias accounts and that’s because I traveled to the Dominican Republic on Oct 31. I came here not on a vacation but more so a family health situation.

The 5 Best Facial Toners for ALL Skin Types

Using a facial toner in your daily skin care routine is of mayor importance since we are living in a world with way much pollution in which there are more other factors. I remember using the Clinique toner accompanied with Clinique’s liquid facial soap and the famous Dramatically different moisturizer . My face was always on fleek but as years progressed and I stop using these products had both of my sons my skin started to change especially now that we have to wear a face mask everywhere we go.

Must-Have Fall Handbags ✨ Blogtober Day 14 βœ¨

Today is Day 14 of Blogtober and the final day… it definitely was a ride of excitement, tiredness and joyful to say the least. I had so much fun doing this challenge with many other bloggers, supporting each other, and sharing their post gave me this satisfaction of YES! We did it again!

Three Books I Want To Read This FallπŸ‚

Been looking for the perfect book to read which I haven’t found yet but I did start reading a sample from this book called Becoming by Michelle Obama and it’s quite interesting so far. And to be completely honest I don’t like the Amazon Kindle or the Goodreads application neither. I’m old school just give me a hardcover book, for me it only feels right to do so.

Spa Day At Home Essentials!

Happy Friday beautiful humans how are you doing? As you noticed I took a good two weeks or maybe a little more off from blogging, since then we got a few days break from the daily routine we stayed in the hotel. All four of us really needed this break so much stress and the daily routine had us really f up and tired all the time. Not only tired but we always had some kind of argument it’s been something for sure.