Valentine’s Day Gift for Makeup Lovers!

It’s finally Friday! How are you feeling on this day? Today I’m sharing with you 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Makeuplovers! As you know I love supporting small businesses and with everything going on around us, it’s important help smaller brands that struggle constantly to keep their heads above water each month. This post is in not sponsored at all this is a way for me to show these brands some love💕

NEW Brands I’ve Discovered on Pinterest!

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Good morning☀️🌻 happy wednesday! How are you doing on this sunny day? I’ve done a post similar to this one which you can read (here). I mentioned all the new brands that never heard or seen before, this post will be exactly like that this post is a part 2.

Jade Brey Designs 🔪Creator of Murder Mystery Games🔪

This blog post uses links containing NO affiliate links and/or PR samples.

Before I start I want to say that this post isn’t sponsored I do this with much love and with care of helping small businesses. And I must say this is a quite interesting post because I’ve never encountered a woman creating games and on top of that creating mystery games. It’s exciting and powerful to see how JadeBreyDesigns has to ability to create these games and so fun!

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Thank you to the beautiful and talented A Spoonie’s Makeup Bag for nominating me for the ”IDEAL INSPIRATION BLOGGER AWARD”. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting to get nominated again and I’m so humbled and grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met through blogging.