I Rebranded My Youtube Channel | LoveCultureFood

2022 is here and we’re almost at the end of the first month of 2022 and I got courage again to restart my youtube channel. Honestly I got to talk with two bloggers and they encouraged me to keep going, life is too short to be holding back on the things you want to accomplish. I couldn’t be more aware and acknowledge life itself.

Three Documentaries I Watched & Loved!| July Edition

Oh I almost said happy Sunday but then realized it is Saturday y’all today is my day off we went to the beach earlier this afternoon which I didn’t take any pictures and we cruised a bit through along side North visited the California Light House, the famous Arashi Beach all the way through the only Airport we have on the Island.

My Top 5 Vloggers And Why I Love Them

Good morning everyone! I’m back with another blog post I was scrolling through my twitter and this idea came randomly..just like that. Which is an amazing idea and as I mentioned recently I really enjoy blogging when the posts aren’t scheduled or thought through step for step what I’m gonna write.

Valentine’s Day & it’s History

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, many of us buying gifts, making a trip or booking reservations to spend it with your loved one. We put so much money and energy into this day that we often don’t realize.